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'ut210e true rms digital clamp meter'
We are the best supplier of UNI-T make products of Digital Storage Oscilloscopes, DC Power Supplies, Digital Multimeters, True Rms Digital Clamp meters, UTD2052CL, UTD2102CEX, UT33D, UTP3315TFL, UTP3704S, UT890C+, UT210E
We are supplying UNI-T make Digital Multimeters, DC Power Supply, Digital Storage Oscilloscopes, Digital Clamp Meters.
We are Authorised Distributor of Uni-T make Digital Storage Oscilloscope, Digital Multimeter, Digital Clamp Meters, DC Regulated Power Supply, Multiple Output Power Supply.
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We are supplying UNI-T make Products, Power Supply, Digital Multimeters, Digital Storage Oscilloscopes.
General Digital Multimeter Model No-UT39A Specifications DC Voltage-1000V AC Voltage-750V DC current-10A AC current-10A Resistance-200M Ohms Capacitance-2 Micro F Display Count-2000 With OEM test report
We are Authorised Distributor of UNI-T make Digital Multimeters
We are Authorised Dealer of Weller make Digital Soldering Station WSD81i
We are supplying UNI-T make and Aplab make Digital Storage Oscilloscope.